A World of Invisible Sparkles

So this is the day! January 14th 2017. Merely 14 days in to the new year and here I am intruding on the blogging world. My name… is Amalie Brochhorst.

As you probably have guessed from the name, english is not my native language. So be prepared! I won’t make excuses for my word-flops, spelling-mistakes and other fiascos that I most certainly will present you with. Though you are welcome to point out my mistakes, which you most likely will. I mean… This is the internet after all.

What will you use this blog for, Amalie? Good question! To say “I have no idea” would be a lie. It’s just that my mental crumb-filled backpack of ideas is a giant mess! Therefore this blog won’t just be beauty, gaming or life-updates. This blog will contain… me! Everything from “7 Ways to Brighten a Bad Day” (which by the way is my next, or rather 2nd, post.) to “Erhmagherd, look at this cute kitten. M’kay, bye.” (Okay, not quite)

Now you might be thinking, “why would I follow this random girl, who clearly has no goal in life or plan whatsoever?”. Another good question! How does my life advise and stories help you? Well, I just happen to be a ridiculously awkward girl, yet with a great deal life experience and advise up my sleeve.

As you may have noticed, I’m literally going against every your-first-post-advise out there. But I reckon I’ll be fine. I’m doing this for me and for all the people out there who might be able to relate to my world of invisible sparkles.

Welcome, and see you next time! (cheeky confident, huh)

Amalie Brochhorst  –  A World of Invisible Sparkles


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