7 Ways to Brighten a Bad Day


Hello, ominous strangers of the internet world!

Today I’m going to be showing you 7 ways to get your mood out of the cellar, and maybe not up in the sky, but at least to first floor. (Nice metaphor. It made so much sense. Great start.)

We all have them. The days, we seem to be dressed all in white and life just drags us through the mud. They come. They go. Some have more than others, but one thing is sure. We all come across a rainy day once in a while.

Therefore I have decided, as the angelic person I am, to give you 7 ways to remind yourselves, that life… really doesn’t suck as much as you make it out to.

I could give you all the common ones that you hear over and over again, BUT NO! No mention of jumping out the bed every morning like a kid on drugs, no kicking life in the arse, and most of all, certainly no mention of exercise. (Ew). Though I must admit that those probably work the best. But come on… If you’re here, reading this, you have probably already tried those. Lets get to it!

1. Focus on the details

As a person who has been miles deep in depression, and all the deep questions about life that makes you question your existence, I do have some knowledge on the the-world-is-a-pile-of-existential-bullshit-but-let’s-cover-it-with-rainbows-and-sparkles-anyways-area.

When I, from time to time, find myself swimming through puddles of my own tears, I use this method. Well actually that would be all of the listed methods, but this one when it’s particularly bad.

Imagine or remember a bad day. Maybe today, yesterday, a year ago or a fictive one, if you are one of those eternally gullibly happy people.

Maybe you are sitting in your room, in class, or another terrifying public place. Maybe you are even walking home on a terrible day. (And the sun is obnoxiously shining like it having the best day in all its millions-long history, and for once you hope that it would just start raining, because that would be so much more appropriate.)

Imagine that day, but instead of remembering all the bad things. Heartbreaks, social failures and imperfect circles, notice the beauty. Outside the window is a bird singing? Maybe the trees are swaying in the wind? What season is it? Did you notice the change of time? The bypassing people, where are they going? Who are they? Where do they come from?

I think you get the point.

There’s so much history and so many stories in details. Be it a leaf, building, or your asshat of an english teacher. Just getting your mind out of the evil circle of bad thoughts is an improvement.

2. On the bright side

As they always say in the movies: “It could be so much worse!” and then it actually gets worse. Luckily this (mostly) doesn’t apply to real life! I mean you could always be a cool relatable cancer teen, or a starving advert-kid in Africa. And if you are… Uh, sorry…

(Though this method sometimes leads to hating yourself for having such a “blessed” life compared to them and your self-pitying just explodes in self-hatred. Oh well, I didn’t promise it would actually work. Shh…)

3. Smile!

This possibly sound absolutely nuts. How exactly are you going to smile, when you feel like the world is coming to an end? Well, believe it or not! The simple action of smiling can literally brighten your day. And others too! You might have heard the saying: “Smile at the world, and it will smile at you.” I can’t guarantee the smiles of the people around you, but you might discover that doing this will make your heart a bit lighter.

4. Music!

This is the one that I use on a daily basis. Both to sprinkle glitter on my gloomy mood, but also to give my social anxiety a nice bitch slap and get back out. When I feel stress, anxiety and/or a bad mood building up, a bit of music is a quick and easy way to calm me down. I especially enjoy listening to classic pieces. I also do this when I have to concentrate and work on my school-work. BUT REMEMBER! Don’t use music as an excuse to not talk to people. Don’t brick yourself up behind a wall of headphones! People-contact can help too.

5. Talk about it.

Grab your nearest family-member, your friend or maybe even your teacher and start talking. You might be thinking, telling them about your troubles won’t change anything. And maybe you are right, it might not change anything, but telling someone can often help putting your problem into perspective. Just putting it into words can lift a giant weight of your chest and allow you to breathe again.

6. Cry

Crying is useless and something only children do, therefore you should not? NOT TRUE! Lemme just talk medical to ya. When you cry, you release a buildup of emotion, heart wrenching energy tumbling around inside your chest and just waiting to be let loose. On top of that, it’s also believed to release stress hormones and toxins from the body.

And that’s why you should cry! You were probably expecting a long professional explanation, but it’s not coming. Sorry. (Google will agree with me!)

7. Don’t force it

Sometimes you might deny the sadness and try to push it all away with a cheery attitude and a big smile. This can work for a while, but it will also build up the stress and sadness. It’s like when you push things you have to do ahead of you and end up doing it with panic and stress. The world doesn’t expect you to smile constantly. It’s not your job or obligation to be happy. Be honest with yourself.

This honesty also includes your troubles, especially when it comes to troubles related to people. Forgiving and apologizing are powerful tools, though they can be difficult to use.

And that concludes my 7 Ways to Brighten a Bad Day. But what do you think? What makes your day brighter and put the smile on your lips on a bad day? I’d love to hear!

Amalie Brochhorst – A World Of Invisible Sparkles


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